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Alerte Amber Thunder Bay – VA

Sur l’image, on peut lire le premier message envoyé sur les téléphones cellulaires: EMERGENCY ALERT / ALERTE D’URGE... The Ontario Provincial Police has issued an Amber Alert for [NAME OF THE KID]. [NAME OF THE KID] is described as 8 years old, white male, 3 feet 6 inches, 60 pounds, black hair, wearing faded grey jeans, long sleeve Canada shirt and camouflage rubber boots. The suspect is [NAME OF THE SUSPECT], who is described as 47 years old, white female, 5 foot 2 inches, 130 pounds, blonde/brown hair, wearing black pants and a blue plaid shirt. Vehicle is described as silver with a loud exhaust. Last seen driving on Copenhagen road, Gorham Township. If child is observed, call 9-1-1 /// La Police provinciale de l’Ontario

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